AHS Students Participating in School Conferences

On June 1-2, 2022, AHS students participated in student conferences at European School organized by academic departments. In a conference “Social Sciences and Growing by Learning”, organized by the ES Department of Social Sciences, participants were: Nia Khachapuridze (9A class) “Sex and Gender”, Supervisor: Gaga Gvenetadze; Natalie Gviniashvili (9B class) “Social Inequalities”, Supervisor: Gaga Gvenetadze;  Gagua Lile (10B class) “Fashion as a way of self-expression: Comparative Analysis of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Madeleine Albright”, Supervisor: Mariam Khatiashvili;  Tedoradze Nino (10B class)  “Leadership style of female leaders: Hatshepsut,Tamar the King, Angela Merkel”, Supervisor: Mariam Khatiashvili; Singletary Natalie (10B class)  “Sojourner Truth and Rosa Parks: Influential tactics to impact women’s rights in 19th and 20th century America”, Supervisor Mariam Khatiashvili; Khurodze Megi  (10B class) “Role of Hillary Clinton in women’s empowerment”, Supervisor: Mariam Khatiashvili; Gorgadze Ekaterine (11B class) “Influences on Identity formation in Teenagers”, Supervisor: Ana Chakhnashvili. In a conference organized by the Department of Sciences participant was: Nikoloz Menteshashvili (12B class) “Dark Energy Matter”, Supervisor Teimuraz Khvedelidze. In a conference organized by the Department of Mathematics participant was Sofia Elena Pandelea (9B class) “Multiplication Methods”, Supervisor Tamar Janelidze. In a conference organized by Department of Innovative Technologies participants were: Victoria Samsiani (11A class) “How can I reconnect with my name using art?”, Supervisor Guranda Gogaladze; Sofia Morozova (11A class) “What effects does societal pressure have on teenagers through cartoons?”, Supervisor Guranda Gogaladze.
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