International Classics Competition

In February, the American High School students participated in an international Classics Competition held by the Lytham St Annes CA. Participants were selected from schools of European countries where the subject Classical Civilizations is incorporated in the curriculum.  The students were asked to produce and deliver a presentation in response to a particular question about the ancient world: ‘if you could travel back in time to one day in the ancient past, which would it be and why?’ The ES AHS representative Mariam Jakhua decided to embark on a journey to Eleusis and to participate in the Eleusinian mysteries: “This phenomenon is well known around the world. Apart from being so well-known, it is also very well hidden. No one knows what happened during these mysteries, and due to that, it has become a controversial topic in many discussions. For this very reason, I wanted to go back. My main idea behind choosing this time and setting was to uncover all that is hidden and to abolish all misconceptions. I aimed to unravel the deep secrets and to enlighten my society about one of the world’s most well-kept mysteries.

I am overjoyed to have had the ability to participate in something so genuinely interesting. Regardless of the outcome, it was an experience that will forever be engraved inside my mind. Thank you once again to everyone who helped me. Thank you all my teachers for believing in me and providing me with such an opportunity.”


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