Teacher Conference in American School of Advanced Studies

On the vibrant afternoon of December 22, 2023, the American School of Advanced Studies played host to a multidisciplinary conference that left an indelible mark on the academic tapestry. The occasion showcased an array of presentations by distinguished educators, each delving into realms of knowledge with unparalleled expertise.

Dachi Pachulia, with eloquence, unveiled the nuances of the “Classical Model of Education,” setting the intellectual tone for the day. Next speaker, Nia Kakhidze artfully explored the labyrinth of “Ancient Motifs and Symbols” within Thomas Stearns Eliot’s dramatic masterpiece, “Cocktail Party.” The audience was enraptured as Ilia Tskhletadze unraveled the intricacies of the “Georgian Tradition of Creating Handwritten Books,” skillfully dissecting the methodologies of copying, commenting, and illustrating.

Giorgi Kakhishvili graced the stage to illuminate the artistic essence of Sibyl in Thomas Eliot’s “The Waste Land,” infusing the room with a profound appreciation for literary aesthetics. Luka Tsindeliani then transported the audience into the vast ocean of thought, probing “Moby Dick” and its relevance to contemporary epic themes. The intellectual voyage continued as Beka Bzekalava delved into the mysteries of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, and pondered the tantalizing possibilities of life beyond our earthly confines.

While teacher conferences have long been a hallmark of American School of Advanced Studies,, this year’s gathering stood as a testament to the infusion of fresh perspectives and heightened professionalism. The event was not merely a ritual; it was a dynamic showcase of the commitment to intellectual exploration and the art of teaching. The air buzzed with the energy of knowledge, marking this conference as a beacon of inspiration and innovation in the educational landscape.

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