Trip to Tao-klarjeti

American High School’s 9th graders went on a four-day trip abroad to historic Tao-Klarjeti. They left early in the morning Friday the 18th and returned on Monday. They saw a large number of sites and visited many places, including: Mere Fortress, Kajeti Fortress, Ardahan. Savshveti, Satle Fortress, Tbeti, Doliskana, Artvin, Artanuji, Devil’s Canyon, Akhiza Fortress, Chorokhi river gorge, Iusupel, Otkhta Eklesia, Kavkasidzes’ Fortress, Vezhangeti Fortress, Parkhali, Ishkhani, Oshki, Khakhuli, Tortumi Waterfall and fortress, and Bana church. They had a great trip, and all returned home with great memories of this wonderful area.

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