American High School Grade 10 Visit BOLNISI-TANDZIA


On Friday, June 1, seventeen Grade 10 students accompanied by their Georgian teacher, Mrs. Tekla Beradze, and Mr. Joseph Blake, Director with two professional hiking guides explored the natural beauty of the hills of Georgia on their way to admire the famed church of Bolnisi – Tandzia. Encapsulating the vibrant historical and religious nature of the area and the foundations of the church in the 13th Century, both students and staff were mesmerized by the verdant valley and tranquility of its location.
Upon reaching the historical and beautiful edifice, a true sense of achievement after the three hour hike up through the hills and across the river was felt and celebrated by all. “It was an incredible day and one to be remembered” stated Ana Darchiashvili. Her statement was concurred by Tamar Chelidze who remarked “Beautiful and serene…simply beautiful!”

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