Scary Addams Family Party Guests

04 Nov 2019

This year, the ES Halloween party was hosted by Gomez and Morticia from the Addams Family. Their children-Wednesday and Pugsley kept guests entertained in scary Halloween games. Students dressed in Halloween themed costumes joined the party with great enthusiasm. Various activities were planned to entertain guests: costume parade, musical performances, fun games and nitrogen show with glowing pumpkins. The whole school was engaged in decorating the schoolyard and hallways.

Trip to Old Tbilisi

28 Oct 2019

On 17 October, our 10th grade when for an afternoon trip around Old Tbilisi – with some sightseeing in Abanotubani and the surrounding area. The weather was beautiful, and the students also made a visit to Metekhi Church as the field trip was related to their current studies into the life and martyrdom of St. Abo of Tbilisi. They walked around the area that the Saint himself used to walk around. They even explored the newly opened Ethnographic Museum near Metekhi Bridge where articles from Tbilisi's 2,000+ year history have been unearthed. The excavations revealed a bath house from the 2nd Century (!) This means that local residents were enjoying Tbilisi’s wonderful natural sulfur springs a full 3 centuries before the great Vakhtang Gorgasali discovered the springs (according to legend) and founded the city officially. The students explored some of the sites that they have been reading about in their lessons and learned many new facts about the area and Tbilisi’s history.

Trip to Tao-klarjeti

28 Oct 2019

American High School's 9th graders went on a four-day trip abroad to historic Tao-Klarjeti. They left early in the morning Friday the 18th and returned on Monday. They saw a large number of sites and visited many places, including: Mere Fortress, Kajeti Fortress, Ardahan. Savshveti, Satle Fortress, Tbeti, Doliskana, Artvin, Artanuji, Devil's Canyon, Akhiza Fortress, Chorokhi river gorge, Iusupel, Otkhta Eklesia, Kavkasidzes' Fortress, Vezhangeti Fortress, Parkhali, Ishkhani, Oshki, Khakhuli, Tortumi Waterfall and fortress, and Bana church. They had a great trip, and all returned home with great memories of this wonderful area.

How to Celebrate a Birthday at the European School?

11 Oct 2019

A Birthday is a special day in everybody’s life and people celebrate it in different ways. It is challenging enough to plan a birthday, to consider the number of guests, location and environment. If you want to celebrate it together with your classmates, the ES café is ready to provide the space and services for the most amusing and friendly celebration. Invite guests, create the menu and enjoy your birthday together with your classmates!

Discover Tsinandali

09 Oct 2019

AHS 11th graders had a trip to Tsinandali and the surrounding area. The students enjoyed a number of activities such as visiting the museum at Tsinandali Estate and learning about the life and poetry of Alexander Chavchavadze. They also visited Ujarma fortress along the way and made a stop at Shumi Winery. They learned how to make churchkhela during a master class offered at the winery which they loved a lot!

American University in Bulgaria

09 Oct 2019

The students at AHS were lucky enough to have the opportunity to hear a presentation on a university with which our school closely collaborates - American University in Bulgaria. A number of ours students have attended and graduated from this university, and used their American-recognized degrees to continue their educating at other world-famous universities such as Columbia and Harvard, or began their careers either in Georgia or abroad. The next generation of AHS students, (and possible future AUBG alumni), heard about the programs and opportunities offered at our partner school, and were encouraged to think about their future and how they envision it will be.

Teacher's Day

09 Oct 2019

On International Teacher's Day, the students of American High School challenged some of the faculty to a basketball game to prove who has more skills on the court. Despite the wisdom, experience, and best efforts of the teachers, the students were victorious in a 40 - 17 routing.

World Teachers’ day

04 Oct 2019

World Teachers Day is celebrated annually on 5th October since 1994.Different activities were organized at the European School to celebrate this event: Students met teachers at the main entrance and gifted with handmade cards, their wish cards and appreciation letters were collected in special boxes as well; Throughout the week several sports games were held between teachers and students; Teachers’ handcrafts, their childhood photos and their portraits created by students were exhibited at the school halls. The goal of this day is to pay regards to teachers’ services and show appreciation and respect towards them.

Ana Kipiani’s Piano Concert

03 Oct 2019

Talented pianist Ana Kipiani-the European School Brand Ambassador performed a solo concert on the ES stage at Teachers’ Day celebration event. Ana Kipiani has received several awards, grand prizes and has become a laureate of several international competitions such as the International Piano Competition “María Herrero”, Vladimir Krainev International Piano Competition, Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Competition, Verbier Music Festival and etc. She has played in different prestigious concert halls in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Ana Kipiani’s concert at the European School left the audience with unforgettable memories. The ES teachers loved Ana’s performing techniques and musical compositions offered by her.