Vizit of Mrs. Carol Bouwer to “European School“

02 Oct 2019

Mrs. Carol Bouwer –the Special Advocate for UNICEF South Africa’s Influential Women’s Forum, media celebrity, and entrepreneur visited the European School on Tuesday, October the 1st. The visit is part of Mr. Carol Bower’s ongoing work as an Advocate for Women and Children. At the ES, she met the school administration and the students as well. During the school tour, enthusiastic and energetic student guides provided the high profile guest with a student perspective on the learning environment.

European School's Tent at Iliauni Science Picnic

01 Oct 2019

Today European School participated in Iliauni Science Picnic, which took place at the Vake Park. Our spot attracted a lot of attention as it offered amazing experiments and technological innovations to its visitors. Visitors took a great interest in robot fights, programmable drones, 3D pens and fun electronic experiments, different scientific shows.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Franklin & Marshall College Visit the European School

27 Sep 2019

Julie Loveless (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and Carly Mankus (Franklin & Marshall College) visited the European School on September 25. The university representatives met students from Georgian Program, American High School, and IB Programmes. They discussed admission requirements and study programs, shared their tips on how to craft a standout college essay, and answered students’ questions.

Roman Strasser's visit to the European School

16 Sep 2019

On September 11, Head of the European Parliament's Department for Intercultural Relations, Roman Strasser, visited the European School. Mr. Strasser, along with European School students and Young Diplomats of Georgia, discussed the goals and future plans of his visit in Georgia. The Secretary General of the EU-Georgia Friendship Group has announced new international programs to be held in Brussels for young diplomats under the auspices of the European Parliament. At the end of the meeting, the students of the "European School" conducted a tour of the building for Roman Strasser and explained their teaching methods in detail. Roman Strasser's visit to the European School was planned in the frames of four-party Memorandum of Understanding signed in the European Parliament on April 2019.

First Day at the European School

09 Sep 2019

On September 9, the European School greeted the students, the teachers, and the parents and welcomed all of them to the beginning of a new academic year. We are proud to announce, that the school gained an additional international recognition and started the new academic year with an important achievement-it became the first CIS accredited school in Georgia.

We are the First CIS Accredited School in Georgia

08 Sep 2019

On September 6, a very important whole staff meeting was held at the European School. This year, ES became the first CIS accredited school in Georgia and during the meeting commendations and recommendations given by the CIS were discussed. Sophio Bazadze-the School Director identified new strategic goals and presented an action plan. Brice Bomo-the Head of IB Programmes and Riz Khan –IB MYP Head introduced their visions and shared their plans with the audience. Action plans of the new academic year were presented by the PYP Program Coordinator Dinara Rysmagambetova, the Director of the American High School Irma Barbakadze and the Heads of Departments.

The European School - the First CIS Accredited School in Georgia

24 Jul 2019

Great news in the Georgian education field-We are proud to announce, that the European School became the first school in Georgia accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS). CIS is a leader in the field of school evaluation. Its worldwide recognized accreditation is a demonstration of high-quality international education offered by the school, facilitating the acceptance of students’ transcripts with colleges and universities.


01 Jul 2019

Our seniors have just graduated and are about to pursue their degrees at leading universities around the world. Not only did they secure admissions, but they also received an unprecedented amount of funding. Overall, the class of 2019 scored $1,420,605 USD in scholarships and financial aid for the first year of their degree courses (which translates to 5,682,420 for the duration of their studies).

Startup Demo Day

12 Jun 2019

On June 12, Presentation of the 10th grader’s startup ideas was held at European School, which has been evaluated by the competent jury in accordance with preliminarily defined criteria. The winner became a team composed of students from Georgian sector – FANDBOX. The winner was awarded the title of the Startup of the Year. The Georgian Sector and MYP 10th graders during the academic year 2018-2019, had the course – Startups and Entrepreneurship. This event was the final project presentation for them.