Senior Project Presentations at the European School


On Tuesday, April 17, the American High School Senior students had their Senior Project Presentations. Preparing Senior Projects is obligatory for AHS seniors. They write research papers and then present them to an academic audience. The jury evaluates two components: the relevance of the topic and the speaker’s presentation skills. Students are free to choose their research paper topics but work closely with their supervisors who provide them with sources and constructive feedback.
On April 17, eight AHS students presented their research papers:
David Berdznishvili: “Preferential Systems of Presidential Elections in Georgia”
Nikoloz Devdariani: “History of Abkhazia”
Vladimir Guruli: “Mysteries of the Parallel Micro-world”
Mariam Khokerashvili: “Abstract Art”
Aleksandre Lomadze-Gabiani: “Quantum Key Distribution E91 Network”
Nutsa Margishvili: “Love in Adolescence”
Mahdi Shirmohammadi: “Phytoremediation”

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