A Global Journey Through Literature

On the 8th of June, the teachers of Language Arts, Nana Mukeria and Tekla Beradze, organized an event called “ A Global Journey Through Literature ”. The students of American High School (Nikoloz Khaduri, Nitsa Skhvitaridze, Anna Danelia, Anna Davitashvili, Lara Gaziogu, Anastasia Sandadze, Liza Arveladze)  analyzed and interpreted different literary works in two languages, English and Georgian, and  gave presentations on  different topics, such as “ Mythological Allusions in Shakespeare’s Work”, “Cross- Cultural Traits in Literature”,” Books about us”, “ Personal Freedom Found in Books ”  etc..

The aim of the event was to express the connection of national identity to universal thoughts and ideas through literature. Students focused on the long-term impact of literature on the emotional and psychological state of a person and discussed the incalculable value of the gained experience one gets from reading.

Students reminded the audience of the importance of literature as it connects us to a whole universe and makes us more compassionate and empathetic.

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