Our students at the international conference

On December 3, 2023, the X United Scientific Conference organized by the esteemed “League of Health Care Professionals” unfolded with great enthusiasm and intellectual vigor. The conference, centered around the theme “Effect of General Diseases on Oral Health,” provided a dynamic platform for scholars to disseminate cutting-edge knowledge.

Distinguished professors shared their insights on contemporary diseases, unveiling the latest protocols for their effective management. This gathering of brilliant minds fostered an atmosphere of collaboration and exchange, propelling the frontiers of oral health research.

Adding a touch of youthful enthusiasm to this academic symphony were the students from the prestigious “European School,” – American School of Advanced Study. Among the vibrant participants who engaged actively in the intellectual discourse were Nia Bitsadze, Nika Tarielashvili, and Nino Parsvania.

Their participation not only exemplified the commitment of the younger generation to advancing healthcare knowledge but also underscored the bridge between academic institutions and professional conferences.

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