Student conference (grades 6-7) "What is oppression and what does it mean to be an oppressor?

On December 15, an impactful joint conference unfolded as the 6th and 7th-grade students delved into the profound theme of bullying. With an unwavering commitment to enlighten their peers, these students delivered compelling presentations that explored the multifaceted nature of different types of bullying.

A remarkable highlight of the event was a mini-film, masterfully crafted by the students themselves. This cinematic creation artfully depicted the harsh reality of one student’s experience with oppression, offering a stirring narrative that resonated with its audience. Moreover, the film ingeniously showed preventative measures.

The students’ presentations were more than just informative; they were a collective call to action, urging their peers to be agents of change and advocates for a more inclusive and empathetic school environment.

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