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SRAA Tbilisi Basketball Classic 2019

21 Feb 2019

On February 14th -16th basketball teams from international schools of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia competed at SRAA Tbilisi Basketball Classic 2019, organized by QSI Tbilisi. The European School team became the second place winner after the final match where the New School team scored just 1 point more than our team.

World Read Aloud Day

01 Feb 2019

Georgia has celebrated World Read Aloud Day already fourth time this year, so did the European School. AHS students read their favorite parts of the books to each other. During the whole day different aloud readers were interchanging at the school library. Teenagers tried to share their thoughts and emotions received from the books of the favorite authors. The day motivated our students to celebrate the power of words and creates a community of readers.

Lecture on“The Knight in the Panther Skin”

01 Feb 2019

On January 31, AHS grade10 students attended a literary evening held at the Thinking Academy where TSU professor Zurab Kiknadze delivered a lecture on “The Knight in the Panther Skin” and discussed a topic -“Two kingdoms of the Knight in the Panther Skin and the end of the story”. It was very interesting for 10 graders to meet the professor as they have just started learning the poem of  Shota Rustaveli in the second semester. At the end of the lecture, the speaker answered students’ questions. The students expressed their wish to attend other evenings of “The Knight in the Panther Skin” literary cycle as well. 

Presentation of AHS Student Projects

01 Feb 2019

On January 28-29, the annual presentation of American High School student projects was held. Various interesting and important topics were discussed by 11 graders: “Helping Coma Patients in Georgia” “How to Make Handicapped People Valuable Members of the Society?”, “World Politics and Natural Resources”  “Prejudice and Discrimination”, “Opportunity Cost of AP”, “Nanosatellites -CubeStas” and etc. The school community and specially invited guests attended this event: English Language Programs Coordinator Lika Gumberidze, British Council Teaching Centre Manager Stephen Shelley, Cultural Affairs Officer Julius N. Tsai,  Cultural Programs Coordinator Daniela Tran. 

Toys for the Tserovani School

27 Dec 2018

11th graders of the American High school decided to contribute to charity. With the help of the whole European School, they collected various toys and brought them to Tserovani School. Students were accompanied by their teachers - Ana Khutsidze, Beso Kiknadze and Ana Chaghiashvili. They took a tour around the school; saw their library, gym and computers room. Students had a conversation with the school director about the problems of their school. Our pupils decided to continue helping the school in the future and enrich the school library with new and interesting books.

Charity Event "Bring Warmth"

14 Dec 2018

Our American High School students joined the charity campaign initiated by the Georgia Red Cross Society. During several days, students from different grades took part in charity activities at “Galleria Tbilisi” where Christmas campaign called “Bring Warmth” was held. At the shopping mall, Red Cross society put up “Red Cross corner”, where people could learn about stories of sole beneficiaries, share their warmth with these people and make donations. With these donations, a new social center for elderly people will be built. Our pupils worked very hard and did their fair share of contribution to this campaign.

Memorandum of Cooperation with "Global Education Motivators"

08 Dec 2018

On December 7, our school hosted Mr. Wayne Jacoby, President of "Global Education Motivators", a non-governmental organization which works in association with the UN. Mr. Jacoby conducted a training for our pupils on the topic of Student Leadership Conference on Development. During the visit, the three-way memorandum of cooperation was signed between the European School, "Global Education Motivators" and the Public Movement "Multinational Georgia’’ (PMMG). In accordance with the memorandum of cooperation, for the first time in Georgia, direct videoconferences will be held from the UN headquarters. Participants from the European School will get the chance to interact with key UN officials, international student leaders and peace advocates from around the world to deliberate and discuss various topics. Action Plans and Resolutions developed by them will be voted upon and submitted to the UN Youth Envoy as a set of recommendations. Afterward, during the school tour, our pupils showed Mr. Wayne Jacob around our facilities and acquainted him with the student life, activities and programs at the European School.

Tree-Planting Campaign for a Greener City

07 Dec 2018

American High School students from the European School had a desire to participate in a green event and decided to plant trees in order to tackle the growing air pollution problem of our city. Tbilisi City Hall provided our students with a designated piece of land on the University Street and supplied them with seedlings of Fraxinus, which they planted by themselves. On Thursday, December 6, 35 our students participated in this event and made their contribution to helping our city become greener. “It is very important for us to participate in this event. We aim to do our best to take care of the environment, as we all know that currently, air pollution is a burning issue for our country. I believe that even a single tree can make a big difference and joint efforts of our society members is all it takes to save our nature in the long-term”- said an 11th-grader. “We would be more than happy to get involved in similar activities in the future and hope that more and more people will take this issue seriously” - mentioned the 10th Grade student. American High school will organize such events in the future, not only in Tbilisi but outside the city as well. Our school continues raising awareness about the importance of a clean environment and is determined to help its students feel responsible for the ecological problems from an early age.

Conversations with Psychologist - How to Check School Disturbance

04 Dec 2018

Student’s support center at the European School continues a series of meetings “Conversations with Psychologist”. On December 4, the meeting was held with the teachers of grades 9-11 to get them acquainted with results of the School Disturbance Survey. The main focus of the meeting was a discussion of the root causes of school disturbance and teachers were given a set of recommendations on how to establish constructive relationships with the students who exhibit a high level of school disturbance.

Field Trip to Georgian National Centre of Manuscripts

16 Nov 2018

American High School students of 9th grade visited Georgian National Centre of Manuscript, where an exposition dedicated to King Erekle II was opened on November 16. Certificates, manuscripts and other types of documents from that period were presented at the exhibition. Beside new exposition, students also visited the permanent exhibition, which showcases the oldest manuscripts. Students had a lecture about Georgian printed works and saw first Georgian prints (Italian-Georgian dictionary, The knight in the panther skin, etc.).

The workshop on Human Rights

13 Nov 2018

On Tuesday, November 13, Human Rights Youth Center conducted a workshop for our pupils on "Introduction of International and European Human rights". The workshop was led by Charlotte Wasseran, an invited trainer from Germany. Human Rights Youth Center, which is based on the NGO MGSDV - Youth for Democracy, will continue similar workshops about human rights on a regular basis for the European School students.

Outdoor Class in Dzalisa

05 Nov 2018

9th and 8th class students of American high School visited the site of the former Dzalisa city, Tsilkani Saint Mary Church, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Mtskheta Theatron. In Dzalisa, students had an Outdoor class in Classic civilization. They saw ruins of the former city site: a public pool, Roman-style villa, sewage system and mosaic Triclinium. Students answered questions about the Georgian and Roman relations, innovations of Roman architecture and mythological theme expressed on the mosaics. In addition, they discussed the main principles of the Roman thermal bath construction process.